Who Can You Bless with Your Time?

It’s the most precious gift you can give someone else. Here are 4 ways you can share it during the holidays.

Posted in , Dec 20, 2017

Gift of time

December going by a dizzying whirl, but in the midst of my busy days there is an important thing I want to remember: One of the best gifts I can give someone is my time. As I get older, I want to spend it wisely. So how can we share it with others?

1)  Spend time with those who are lonely at Christmas, with friends who don’t have family near or those who are house-bound because of age or illness. The expressions of joy on those faces makes every minute worthwhile.

2)  Make time to prepare a meal or some Christmas goodies for someone who needs that blessing. I’m always amazed at the response from a simple tray of cookies and candy or a casserole. What we sometimes take for granted is often a special gift for someone else.

3)  Spend extra time with family. I want my family to feel like they are special Christmas guests in my home, not just a responsibility. Those hours decorating the tree and in the kitchen making cookies are priceless beyond words.

4)  Spend time with Jesus. After all, it’s His birthday and He is the reason we celebrate the season. That sounds so simple, but often in the busyness of our days, He is the one that gets shoved to the side.

And I’ve made an important discovery: Whenever I take time for others, it refreshes me. I go to give a blessing, but it seems that somehow I’m always the one who gets the biggest blessing in return.

Who could you bless with your time this Christmas?

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