Friends and Family

Joyce Gardner and a Humboldt penguin.

These Penguins Comfort Residents in a Senior Care Home

The wish of one resident in the English home became a reality enjoyed by all.

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Steve Greig and his family of dogs.

He Adopts Overlooked Animals

This accountant gives senior dogs and disabled animals, including a pig and a turkey, the love they deserve.

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Georgeanne Irvine holding a flamingo.

4 Life Lessons Learned at the San Diego Zoo

She worked at the zoo for more than 40 years; the animals taught her about friendship, courage, resilience and more.

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An artist's rendering of a hen with chicks around her.

Their Beloved Hen Finally Became a Mother

The broody hen never had chicks of her own. But she miraculously accepted a brood of newborn chicks and raised them as her own.  

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A creature up close from Matt's macrophotography.

His Newfound Passion for Photography Changed His Life

He had struggled with depression and anger for many years. Then he learned to see the world in a different light.

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A woman working from home with her dog peering over her shoulder.

Meet the Pets Helping Guideposts Staffers Work from Home

How our animal companions are comforting and inspiring us during a difficult time.

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A pile of painted Easter eggs

5 Simple Tips for Celebrating Easter at Home

Churches may be temporarily shuttered, but there are still plenty of ways to honor the Resurrection.

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Boy learns at home on the computer

5 Educational Activities Your Kids Can Do Online

These programs are a fun, free and enriching way for kids to spend time while sheltering at home.

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A cat and a dog

4 Positive Pet Stories from Around the World

They're comforting doctors, learning how to detect the coronavirus—this is how animals are making the world a better place.

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A dog interrupting its owner's reading indoors.

Pets and Covid-19: What You Need to Know

Here's how to best protect your animal companions during this health pandemic.

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John and Marci Seither

They Were Meant to Be Together—After a Few Detours

He joined the Marines; she got engaged to someone else. But ultimately their love prevailed.

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Nadine (left) and Akiko

Long-Lost Pen Pals Are Reunited In Person

Two women who started writing to each other during World War II reconnect face-to-face more than 75 years later.

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