Dig, plant, water, feed, harvest--gardening is a way to get your hands dirty while admiring the full and lush cycle of life.
Houseplants warmed by light
Positive Living

Give Your Houseplants—And Yourself—A Boost of Light This Winter

A little goes a long way when we add a soft, warm glow to our living spaces.

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Four angels surrounding red flowers; Illustration by Lucila Perini

Watching Her Plants Thrive Helped Her Heal

Good friendships, and her beloved amaryllis plant, restored her faith after a difficult divorce.  

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Gardening tips for tomatoes
Positive Living

How to Keep Your Tomato Plants—and Your Summer Mood—Fruitful

Holding back growth is, ironically, sometimes the best way to get more from your life.

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Herb bouquet
Positive Living

How to Make an Edible Bouquet from Your Herb Garden

Beautiful, fragrant and delicious, this herbal arrangement is so much more than decor.

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Protecting your back in the garden
Health and Wellness

How to Protect Your Back from Injury in the Garden

Tending to your patio pots or garden beds shouldn’t hurt. Grow healthy habits with these tips.

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Trimming your herb plants

How to Prune Herb Plants to Feed You All Summer Long

Fresh herbs are a summer joy. Keep yours busy and bushy all season long with these easy techniques.

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Illustration of seed sprouts in an egg carrton; Illustration by Coco Masuda
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Seeds of Happiness

Planting seeds became a source of happiness in the community during the pandemic.

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Jars of bean sprouts

Grow Sprouts for Fast, Easy Countertop Gardening

Sprouting seeds is the very definition of simple, edible and satisfying indoor gardening.

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Mike Frezon with his vintage tin; photo by Roy Gumpel
Stories of Hope

How 80-Year-Old Hibiscus Seeds Reassured This Reluctant Retiree

The old tin had been hidden away for decades. Could the seeds still grow into plants?

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How gardening helps mental health
Life Advice

How Gardening Is Good for Your Mental Health

The Well-Gardened Mind: The Restorative Power of Nature is a beautiful, deeply researched book about finding emotional wellness in the act of growing things.

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