Dig, plant, water, feed, harvest--gardening is a way to get your hands dirty while admiring the full and lush cycle of life.
Alarm clock and dandelion flowers
Life Advice

Spring Forward: 7 Tips to Help You Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

Follow these simple steps to help your body and mind adjust to the time change.

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Robert Boggs mom, Melree Boggs, in 1936

A Tribute to His Late Nature-Loving Mother

His beloved mom loved and cared for all of God’s creatures.

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Variety of vegetables in a pan

6 Ways to Savor Your Vegetables This Fall

Use these methods to keep your appetite satisfied and health in check.

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Mari Pack with her jalapeño plant; photo by Erica Seryhm Lee
Stories of Hope

A Success Story for a Poet and Her Jalapeño Plant

A poetry student with no gardening experience buys a seedling; she hopes that both her writing and the plant will bloom and grow.

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Fall garden vegetables
Positive Living

Easy, Tasty Things to Grow in Your Fall Garden

Even if you live in cool climes, September plantings can keep you freshly fed as the temperatures fall.

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Young man relaxing outdoors
Life Advice

8 Tools to Help You Combat Anxiety

Healthy ways to cope with stress and heightened emotions.

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Summer planter
Positive Living

How to Give Your Summer Planter Pots Pizazz!

Three easy floral elements to create a beautiful display.

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A woman gardening flowers outside.

5 Tips to Prevent Gardening Pains and Strains

Simple protective measures can help keep minor injuries from budding.

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A lawnmower

The Lawn Mower Miracle

A tractor accident could've been much worse, if not for the angel riding beside her.

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Kitchen herb garden
Positive Living

How to Grow Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen

The rewards come fast and flavorful from this easy, satisfying project.

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