Dig, plant, water, feed, harvest--gardening is a way to get your hands dirty while admiring the full and lush cycle of life.
Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine.
Daily Devotions

Look Forward in Prayer

The one prayer God never answers is “Please, let nothing change.”

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Sweet September author Tricia Goyer

How a Garden (and a Family) Grows

The Home to Heather Creek author shares that growing a garden and growing a family are both hard work but worth the effort.

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A field of pansies
Living With Cancer

Mysterious Ways: The Perfectly Timed Pansies

She received a heaven-sent message, just when she needed it.

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Pearl Fryar
Finding Life Purpose

The Way God Makes Them Grow

A visionary gardener receives the recognition he has dreamed of.

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A surprise lily in bloom

A Sweet Surprise From Heaven

The flower bulbs that seemed to have been duds required only an angelic touch to blossom.

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St. Thérèse
God's Grace

Saint Thérèse: The Story of a Soul

Thérèse of Lisieux, born on January 2, 1873, led a quiet life on earth, but brings glory to God from heaven.

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Susan Carlyle and her husband, Kim, say grace at the dinner table
Positive Living

Sowing a Simpler Life to Reap a Deeper Faith

A Quaker couple gives up the big city for a more sustainable life in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Mysterious Ways: Dad's Flower
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Dad's Flower

Four sisters discover a comforting coincidence prior to their father's memorial service. 

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks
Power of Prayer

Praying for Your Seed to Grow

God has planted the seed of kindness within us all; it is our choice to pray for it to grow.

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A small flower pot containing African violets

Nurturing a Deeper Love

A modest Valentine's Day gift blossoms into something meaningful and inspiring.

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