Setting goals and working to achieve them is not a fast or easy task, but it's one of the most meaningful you can undertake.
Crossroads with the sun rising in the horizon
Finding Life Purpose

8 Questions to Ask When Discerning God’s Will

When faced with a difficult decision, these questions will help you discern God's will.

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Children enjoying the moment.
Finding Life Purpose

Enjoy the Journey

We shouldn’t be so consumed with pursuing goals that we miss seeing daily life.

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Diana Aydin's parents.

Love at First Grade

A daughter's all-time favorite love story and miracle–how her parents met.

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J.D.  and Judy Wade

Love Stories We Love: J.D. & Judy's 50th Anniversary

After a 23-day courtship, the Wades married and have been together for half a century.

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Carlos and Gaby

Love Stories We Love: Carlos & Gaby

Watch newlyweds Carlos and Gaby describe their feelings without using the word "love"

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Teen girls and boys. Photo from 123RF(r).

13 and Dating

Are you allowing your teen daughter to date at an early age? Here are a few things to consider.


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Lily resting on Bible
Bible Resources

What’s the One Thing You Should Give Up for Lent this Year?

Author Margaret Feinberg shares why giving something up isn't as important as laying hold of Jesus. 

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Angry woman
Emotional and Mental Health

6 Ways to Deal with Anger

Seeing red? Here are six ways you can learn to manage your anger issues. 

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A prayer that pushes us. Photo lofilolo, Thinkstock.
Positive Living

Dare to Wonder

Diana Aydin discovers Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite prayer–one that encourages boldness and curiosity. Continue Reading
A woman cuts her credit card in half.
Life Advice

Living Happily and Simply with Less

Ruth Soukup's book will help you simplify your life and strengthen your faith.

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