Setting goals and working to achieve them is not a fast or easy task, but it's one of the most meaningful you can undertake.
Stories of Faith

Society Without God? Nah.

The Guideposts senior editor explains the omniscient presence of God in all cultures.

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Managing Life Changes

The Story of My Life

The Home to Heather Creek fiction series editor shares her experience making an audio version of Guideposts magazine.

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A woman's cluttered desk is plastered with post-it notes.
Work Life

Balancing Act

Feel stretched to the breaking point by the demands of home and office? Here's a creative solution.

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George Dawson
Finding Life Purpose

Never Too Late to Learn

One man had to overcome his pride before he could overcome a lifelong obstacle.

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A woman reading outside; Getty Images
Positive Living

A Secret Only God Knew

February is Black History Month. Read this inspiring story about one woman's secret that finally came out.

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An attractive, smiling middle-aged woman
Positive Living

6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get the Most Out of Life

Author Leo Babauta offers tips for living your life to the fullest.

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Work Life

My Summer Jobs

The Guideposts editor-in-chief reflects on summer jobs he's had in the past.

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Motivational Stories

A Little Sentimental

The Guideposts editor-in-chief gets nostalgic on dream goals he had in the past.

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Gayla Ross (here on her Ridley) is more adventurous now.
Living With Cancer

Living with Cancer: A Message for Survivors

This motivational story from one breast cancer patient truly inspires

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budget spreadsheet
Life Advice

5 Tips to Help You Fix Your Finances

Get a fresh start on your finances in the new year.

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