God Loves You, Flaws and All

You can't hide imperfections from God. He sees it all. That truth no longer horrifies me.

by - Posted on May 28, 2014

Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams with husband at the beach

So let’s come near God with pure hearts and a confidence that comes from having faith. (Hebrews 10:22)

It’s finally summer, and many families are loading up the car and hitting the open road. Our family is no different. We’re anxiously anticipating a weeklong beach vacation. In fact, I can already hear the ocean calling my name.

I love everything about beach vacations–the ocean breeze, reading a book under a big umbrella, watching dolphins play in the ocean, sinking my toes into the sand, walking the beach with my handsome husband at sunset, etc.

I love it all–except the bathing suit part.

Seriously, is there anything more humbling than standing in front of a dressing room mirror, under those unforgiving fluorescent lights, trying on bathing suit after bathing suit? I think not. I dread it every year. Because no matter how many miles you’ve logged in previous months, no matter how many crunches you’ve crunched, no matter how many desserts you’ve passed up, bathing suits show every imperfection. While you might be able to hide a few dimples underneath blue jeans or a nice black dress with the help of Spanx, you’re not hiding anything in a bikini. A bathing suit provides little camouflage.

That’s pretty much how it is with God. You might be able to fake-grin your way through church. You might be able to “play Christian” in front of your friends and family. But when you enter the throne room, it’s like wearing your bathing suit before God. You can’t hide any imperfections from him. He sees it all. That truth used to horrify me–even more than trying on bathing suits–but not anymore.

Because now I know how God truly sees me.

God gave us Jesus to take care of our sin because God knew we’d be flawed. No matter how many good deeds we do. No matter how many chapters of the Bible we read each day. No matter how many casseroles we bake for church functions. We can never be good enough for God. We can’t earn our way into God’s favor or his kingdom. All we have to do is ask Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, and we’re “in.” Then, whenever we enter the throne room, God sees us through “the Jesus filter,” and all he sees is perfection.

If you haven’t asked Jesus to take away your sin and be the Lord of your life, why not take care of that today? Just pray: Father God, I confess that I have sinned and fallen short of your glory, as the Word says, but I wish to leave that old life behind and live for you the rest of my days. I believe that Jesus is your son and that he died for my sins, and I am so thankful. I ask you, Lord, to come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior this very moment. And I praise you for this new beginning. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

If you just prayed that prayer, welcome to the Family of God! It’s the most wonderful step you’ll ever make. This is an exciting day! Make sure you tell someone about your decision.

Now... if we can just figure out some kind of “perfection filter” for bathing suit season, life would be super. Until then, I am very thankful for cute cover-ups.

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