Goosebumps from God

A message from above

- Posted on Jun 20, 2010

I have a theory that you won’t find in the Bible. I think that goosebumps come from God. 

Think about it. We rely mainly on our intellects as we navigate our way through life, largely ignoring the mystical, the unexplainable. Then comes a special and unexpected happening—a baby’s coo, an extraordinary piece of music or touching story, and our bodies react independent of the intellect: chills, tears, a lump in the throat, or goosebumps. 

Maybe in these moments God is bypassing our brains and going straight to our hearts, saying, “Pay attention. This is where you find Me.”  

Have you experienced the hair standing up on your arms? Or unexpected tears? How did you perceive it? What other kinds of signs do you think God sends?

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