Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is by your side all the time, whether you recognize its presence or not. Trust in your guardian angel's ability to help you every day.
An artist's rendering of Fran and Michael in the train's dining car

Traveling First Class with an Angelic Companion

Her suave and handsome seatmate made a seven-year-old's journey a heavenly one.

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Barbara Green
Coping With Illness

The Angelic Whisper

An attentive daughter is summoned by angels to ensure that her mother is safe at home.

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A mysterious snorkeler

Helped Ashore by an Angel

A struggling snorkeler is pulled ashore by a mysterious stranger.

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Young children and guardian angels from Little Angels series

Inspiration from "Little Angels"

Touched by an Angel star Roma Downey is bringing an angelic message to young readers.

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Car in blizzard conditions.

Rescued by a Mysterious Stranger

When snow stranded us, I wondered how I’d get my babies home. Until a stranger pulled up.

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Don and Mary Elizabeth Rathbun
Coping With Grief

Midnight Kiss

A tender smooch at the strike of 12 restores an Ohio widow's faith.

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Lindsay Butler, husband Rick and children Lacey and Lars

Dream Angels Help New Mother Heal

A woman is mired in depression until angels wearing multi-hued robes pay a healing visit.

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painting of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus surrounded by angels.

God's Angels, Ministering Spirits

The Bible tells us over and over that God uses angels to bring His comfort. We, too, can serve as earthly angels to spread His love.

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The granddaughter who comforted her grandmother

Grandma's Little Angel

This nine-year-old taught her grandmother an angelic lesson about the power of faith.

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Guardian angels gave son a sign through father's old watch
Life After Death

A Heaven-Sent Sign Comforted His Grief

Dad was gone. It was too late to tell him I loved him.

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