Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is by your side all the time, whether you recognize its presence or not. Trust in your guardian angel's ability to help you every day.
Boy's hand held reassuringly.

The Angels of Hemby Hospital

A mother with a sick child is comforted by a group of children from the other side.

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Jennie Bailor

An Inspiring Life Lesson

She felt alone in the aftermath of an auto accident, but was she alone when it happened?

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An artist rendition of rainbow pets go to heaven?

Animals and the Afterlife

Angel expert, Sophy Burnham, explores what happens when our beloved pets die.

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Jeremy with his friend and protector, Tara

A Feline Guardian Angel

Watch as a heroic cat stands up to a dog who is attacking a boy whose family she lives with.

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Mysterious Ways: Divine Guidance from a Heavenly Wingman
Military Outreach Stories

Mysterious Ways: Divine Guidance from a Heavenly Wingman

Thanks to some well-timed instructions from an unexpected voice, an Air Force fighter pilot escapes trouble over Vietnam.

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Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson's Marine son, Jimmy, and dog Seger

A Soldier's Canine Hero

We loved visiting on base so we could watch the relationship between our Marine son and this amazing animal...

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Peggy Frezon
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Nurse's Aid

None of the nurses could find one of her veins to draw blood–until one asked for help.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Diana Aydin with her mother

My Wonder Mom

I suspect God reserves a special kind of power just for mothers. One that transforms them into a force to be reckoned with.

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An angel reflected in the iris of a woman's eye

In My Mind's Eye

In her dream, she saw vivid sapphire, golden rays... and an angel’s wings.

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A cat on the alert
Coping With Illness

One of a Kind Feline

She was usually allergic to cats, but not the one who entered her life to look after her.

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