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Kim (in red) with her sister, Karen, and their dogs, Cooper and Bentley

Early-onset Alzheimer's: A Sister's Caregiving Journey

Her twin sister had always been strong. Now that her twin was dealing with Alzheimer's, it was her turn to be the strong one.

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Jen, with her kids Ben and Remy, notes when family members do something nice for each other

Jen Hatmaker's Advice for Positive Parenting

The bestselling author and blogger shares some of her secrets for raising your children in a positive and encouraging environment.

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A mother's hands illuminated by a divine light.
Stories of Faith

A Mother's Amazing Answered Prayer

She asked God over and over for one specific thing... to be with her ailing son.

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Gail Bindewald by the water
Motivational Stories

The Bible Verse That Helped Her Lose Weight

Losing weight is hard. This Scripture gave her an idea...

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Adam Hunter on leaving Guideposts
People Helping People

A Fond Farewell to the Guideposts Family

Managing Editor Adam Hunter says goodbye after 13 years at Guideposts.

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Colorful candles on a birthday cake topped with icing
People Helping People

"Make A Wish" Birthday Card

Here's an advance look at one of Guideposts' Someone Cares greeting cards for April 2017.

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Five Bedtime Prayers for Peaceful Slumber
Power of Prayer

Five Bedtime Prayers for Peaceful Slumber

These five bedtime prayers will bring you good, restful sleep.

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Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson
Finding Life Purpose

Black History Month: Inspiring Black Americans

All month long, recognized the courageous, inventive and revolutionary African Americans who changed the course of history and made a lasting contribution to the world. Many of them became famous for being the first in their field, for fighting for their rights, standing up against injustice or for their talent and achievements in the arts. Here are some American figures we should be celebrating all year long. 

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Woman mastering her home finances in the office
Life Advice

How To Master Your Home Finances

Get started and turn your family finances into a long-term project with these step-by-step tips.

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Teenage boy enjoying the weather outdoors

Top Summer Jobs for Teens

These helpful tips catered to your teen will land them the perfect summer job.

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