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Brett (left) and his friend Jeff meet children in a village near Jinja, Uganda
Finding Life Purpose

Finding Happiness… in Africa

A life-changing trip inspired hope and faith.

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Shawnelle Eliasen

Mother of Five

I already had four sons. This time I prayed for a girl...

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Positive Living

The Book Arrives!

The mother of six shares her excitement about publishing her first book.

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Motivational Stories

Telling My Story

The Home to Heather Creek editor shares her family's excitement on having a story in Guideposts magazine.

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Managing Life Changes

Losing My Religion

The Guideposts senior editor gives his take on those losing touch with religion.

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Positive Thinking

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Guideposts executive editor shares his enthusiasm on the Irish holiday.

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Inspiring Stories

Making Stuff Up

The Home to Heather Creek editor shares her challenges in creating a new book series.

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Finding Life Purpose

The Power of Weakness

The Guideposts senior editor shares his thoughts on Leymah Gbowee and Liberia Peace Movement.

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Stories of Faith

Monday Mornings High

The Guideposts executive editor shares his office prayer routine.

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Mary Lou Carney at Stain Meinrad Archabbey

My Spiritual Retreat

Finding faith in this new way helped me grow closer to God.

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