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Easter litles
Deepen Your Faith

Verses to Live By: Celebrate Easter Joy

Contributing Editor Rick Hamlin shares Scripture to help you savor the profound joy of Easter

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A scenic mountain path and a beautiful sunrise
Power of Prayer

A 10-Word Prayer to Help in Times of Stress

Guideposts blogger Bob Hostetler shares a brief prayer that helps in time of stress when you may feel you're losing control.

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A woman opens her curtains to greet the day
Coping With Illness

Thriving Through Alzheimer's

Discover how these positive people are seeing the blessings of every day while living with this progressive neurologic disorder.

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Rhiannon Menn and daughter Cimorene; photo courtesy Rhiannon Menn
People Helping People

Everyday Greatness: Kindness from the Kitchen

Rhiannon Menn launched a movement to deliver lasagna—and love—to struggling neighbors

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Singer-songwriter Amy Grant; photo by Cameron Powell
Stories of Faith

Amy Grant: Prayer Brought Me Through Heart Surgery

The singer and songwriter shares how her faith—and a particular spiritual practice—helped her get through a health crisis.

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Daron Babcok; photo by Eric Guel
People Helping People

God Guided This Recovering Addict to Plant a Community Farm

He’d never gardened a day in his life, but he was led to help an underserved Dallas community by growing fresh vegetables

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Mike Rowe; photo by Michael Segal
Positive Thinking

Positive Thinker: Mike Rowe, Host of 'Dirty Jobs,' Author, Producer

The Emmy-winning TV host and author reveals his real-life heroes, his favorite inspiring Scripture, and the hardest thing he’s ever done

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Hospital chaplain Adam Ruiz; photo by Alton Strupp-USA TODAY NETWORK
Stories of Hope

Amazing Acts of Compassion During the Covid Crisis

A hospital chaplain tells us what inspired him during the difficult early months of the pandemic.

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Woman using a tablet at home
Inspiring Stories

7 Quick Soothing Guideposts Reads Before Bed

Prep your mind for a good night’s sleep with some of our relaxing content.

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Clare Biedenharn; photo courtesy Clare Biedenharn

When a Long-Planned Trip Fell Through, She Put Herself in God's Hands

She missed her flight to a much-needed spiritual retreat in Assisi. Now what?

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