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Two women sit on a park bench, as one comforts the other.
Power of Prayer

The Good Listener's Daily Prayer

When everyone tells you their troubles, to whom will you tell yours?

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An artist's rendering of a cloud shaped like a dog's head, with a leather collar

Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Ptolemy Tompkins investigates the Biblical importance of pets after his rabbit passes on.

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Gayle with her colleague and friend, Lance
Living With Cancer

Living with Cancer: On the Air

She'd been a journalist for years, but this was the hardest story she would ever report.

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Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler: My Grandma My Angel

I missed my grandma terribly—but singing brought her back to me.

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The Making of a Caregiver
Aging Parents

The Making of a Caregiver

Helping others make this retiree discover personal success.

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Guideposts: Molasses Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Molasses Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This delectable side dish recipe gains even more sweetness from the molasses.

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Dr. Neil Clark Warren
Blended Families

Expert Advice: Love's Patience

A relationship expert reveals the most important requirement for a blended family.

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Illustration: A young woman makes a call while an impatient saleswoman stews.

Mama and the Silver Comet

The sweet inspirational story of how a formal dress stopped a train dead in its tracks.

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