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Shawnelle Eliasen

Mother of Five

I already had four sons. This time I prayed for a girl...

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Mary Lou Carney at Stain Meinrad Archabbey

My Spiritual Retreat

Finding faith in this new way helped me grow closer to God.

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Tyler Perry
Emotional and Mental Health

Tyler Perry Finds Forgiveness…and Himself

It's hard to move on from a painful past, but actor Tyler Perry was able to forgive his abusive father and build a new life.

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Guideposts: A welcome mat at a house's front door
God's Grace

A Thanksgiving Feast of Hope

Mrs. Mellow's dinner was the hope these homeless men needed.

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Guideposts: Squash Stuffed with Rice Medley

Squash Stuffed with Rice Medley

This autumn recipe packs a nutritional punch—and makes a great Thanksgiving side.

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Finding Life Purpose

Inspired by a Different Kind of Traveling Salesman

A man named Harry Denman had a profound effect on his life.

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George Dawson
Finding Life Purpose

Never Too Late to Learn

One man had to overcome his pride before he could overcome a lifelong obstacle.

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Pamela Haskin's mother


Why does she have to be so loud and flashy? It's so embarrassing!

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An artist's rendering of a woman sitting at a typewriter with a child in her lap

Mama's Success

Mom told us she'd be a writer one day; her success turned out to be a big inspiration.

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Glen and Jonathan


Fatherhood was a role he felt unqualified to fill, but he had the best role-model of all.

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