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Christian Hendricks with his mother, Carla

A Familial Bond, Forged in Faith

A young mother prays for a way to connect with her newly adopted son.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter
God's Grace

The Miracle of a Picture Perfect Wedding

With just a few months until our wedding, it would take a miracle to find the perfect photographer ...

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Guideposts Writers Workshop participants
Inspiring Stories

Sharing Our True Inspirational Stories

We enjoyed a wonderful workshop with Guideposts writers this weekend. Could you be at our next one?

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Mickie DeMoss (left) with her mentor, Pat Summitt
Coping With Illness

Pat Summitt: Coaching with Faith, Courage and Commitment

Pat Summitt was always there for me. Now it was my turn.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Our Own Earth Angels

I’m looking forward to this weekend with Guideposts’ very own earth angels: our workshoppers.

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Susan Orneck
True Stories of Answered Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Faith at 30,000 Feet

A worried woman unexpectedly finds eager prayer partners on a cross-country flight.

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An Insightful Easter Message to Trust God's Timing
Positive Living

An Insightful Easter Message to Trust God's Timing

When you are midst of a problem, give God a chance to help . . . wait three days.

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Debbie Macomber
Stories of Faith

Debbie Macomber: The Power of Prayer

Debbie shares memories of how she came to believe in the power of prayer.

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Susan Weidman and her dogs Sophie and Tex
True Stories of Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer: Injured Pooch Rescued

Unexpected strangers assist a woman and dog in dire straits.

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Jo Ann Fore (right) and her friend Karen
Work Life

With Secrets Revealed, the Healing Begins

A battered wife, inspired by a co-worker's concern and prayers, begins to put her life in order.

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