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Guideposts: Hands clasped in prayer
Holiday Prayers

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pete were not related to me by blood, but they became family through their care and affection for mine.

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Inspiring Stories

Inspirational Travels to Meet Guideposts Readers

I just arrived in Branson, Missouri! Tomorrow, I'll be visiting Silver Dollar City to honor the winners of our Inspirational Everyday Americans contest.

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Guideposts: A Thanksgiving turkey

A Perfect Thanksgiving

What would her boyfriend think of her once he met her crazy family?

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What Words Would You Use to Describe Guideposts?

We all agreed on prayer and the power of prayer, as well as healing, spiritual healing and healing prayers. Spiritual growth was another popular search term. Personal change was too.

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How We Help

An Inspired Yearly Gathering

The Guideposts organization is blessed with an amazing advisory group called the National Cabinet. Their true contributions are their time, their passion and their prayers.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles
God's Grace

Back To School

I wanted to return to college, but I couldn’t afford it. Could God find a way?

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