Heart Disease

Heart disease is all too common among both women and men. Protect your heart with careful medical attention plus healthy lifestyle choices.
What You Need to Know about Your Blood Pressure
Health and Wellness

Blood Pressure: What You Should Know

For National Blood Pressure Awareness Month we had a cardiologist answer all of your burning questions about one of the most important functions of the body. 

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B. Verde at the Scripp's Health Center
Living Longer, Living Better

This Heart Attack Survivor Wants You to Know the Signs

After surviving a heart attack, Bertha "B" Verde wants other women to know what she didn't when it comes to heart disease. 

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Actor Art Carney

Guideposts Classics: Art Carney on God's Healing Power

In this story from July 1997, the popular actor Art Carney shares the story about how God saw him through heart surgery—and made him a changed man.

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How to pray for the sick from Guideposts blogger Rick Hamlin.

6 Ways to Pray for the Sick

When it comes to helping the sick, every prayer counts. Here's where to start.

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Giving thanks is good for the soul and your health. Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin has decided to give thanks daily for at least 5 things, big or small.
Positive Living

The Gratitude Challenge–Part 1

Giving thanks isn’t just a nice idea. It's actually good for your health!

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E-cigarettes are gaining popularity among teens.

The Dangers of Teens and E-cigarettes

If your teen is tempted by the popularity of e-cigarettes, here's how to help her steer clear.

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Feet on a scale that reads 1 Cor. 6:19
Coping With Illness

Verse by Verse

Could 1 Corinthians really lower her cholesterol? She was intent upon finding out.

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How to guide your teen daughter away from smoking. Photo from 123RF(r).

Don't Light Up

If you don't want your teen to smoke, one thing YOU must do. Don't smoke.

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A woman relaxes with a cup of herbal tea
Emotional and Mental Health

7 Ways to Eliminate Stress

Follow these tips to help ease your worries.

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Jeannette Doyle Parr
Coping With Illness

Step By Step

Sometimes you have to start small to make a big difference.

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