Heavenly Angels

Knowing that heavenly angels are watching over your life can give you the comfort and courage to face new challenges and make the most of every day.

Angel in red dress

Angelic Autumn Light

She was nervous about singing solo—till a heavenly angel appeared at the right time.

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Two Angels led the way
Life After Death

Two Angels Led the Way

My husband and daughter were always together. She would follow him to the ends of the earth.

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Collage illustration of a large imposing angel in a dark alley

Mystery of the Missing Report Card

My childhood wasn't pretty. Neither was the angel I met in a dangerous part of town.

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An airliner taking off from a metropolitan airport

A Heavenly Travel Agent

We had to get to L.A. fast, but all the seats on the plane were taken.

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Beautiful bouquet of red roses
Work Life

Did Someone Order Roses?

I'd prayed for a sign that I should take the new job.

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