How It Must Feel to Meet an Angel

I looked up in surprise. How had the whole world changed in a single moment?

by - Posted on Jul 10, 2013

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Today’s guest-blogger is Angels on Earth staff editor Meg Belviso.

I strolled a couple of blocks to the bus stop, enjoying the nice evening weather. I got there just as the right bus rolled up and only one stop later I’d made it to a seat. I took out my e-reader and settled into my book.

I hadn’t even finished a full page when the door beside me opened to let passengers out. I heard the strangest sound—the roar of a downpour. I looked up in surprise. The nice night for walking was suddenly filled with torrential rain, complete with thunder. Drops hit the window like pebbles. People splashed through puddles with plastic bags on their heads, dashing to the nearest doorway.

Someone laughed. The woman across from me was completely entertained by my obvious surprised. How had the whole world changed in a single moment?

“Where did it come from?” I said.

She shrugged. “Who knows?”

By the time I got into my apartment the rain had practically stopped. It had moved downtown to surprise more folks. I found myself thinking about all those stories I’ve read in Angels on Earth where a person receives help from an ordinary-looking stranger. “I looked away for just a second and in that moment they were gone,” the stories inevitably end. The narrator is left standing in an empty road or parking lot with no one around for miles. In the blink of an eye, their whole world has changed.

That sudden rainstorm had given me an inkling of how they must feel!

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