About Foundation

About Foundation

The Guideposts Foundation provides support, inspiration, and hope to people of all ages, from all walks of life. Our mission is to help people everywhere achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

With support from friends like you, our Guideposts Outreach Ministry programs communicate positive, faith-filled principles to help people overcome life's obstacles. Your donations can have an immediate and positive impact on the sick, the elderly, the lonely, teens and children, men and women of the military, and others struggling with the challenges of daily life.

The Guideposts Foundation is supported by a network of believers and donors who stand hand in hand with us as we reach out through our Ministries to those in urgent spiritual need. Charitable programs include the distribution of our complimentary publications, the OurPrayer network, our Military Outreach program, and our Comfort Kit program for children in hospitals.

Inspiring Millions
We distribute millions of inspirational, complimentary publications including Guideposts magazines, books, and booklets to hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, prisons, and other locations. We have distributed over 1.4 million free issues of Guideposts, each one filled with faith-building stories with the power to transform lives. Other free publications include Angels on Earth magazine, PLUS: The Power of Faith, and the Daily Guideposts devotional.

The Power of Prayer 
receives over 1.3 million prayer requests a year. OurPrayer is a community of faith comforting people through prayer, with more than 3,000 prayer volunteers from 64 countries. Our Guideposts website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and the iPhone OurPrayer App offer people a variety of places to pray and be prayed for, 24x7.

Saluting Our Military
Our Military Outreach distributes more than one million copies of inspirational publications to our servicemen and women stationed at military bases around the world. We join hands with Chaplains from all branches of our nation's armed services to create and deliver exactly the spiritual help our brave troops and veterans need. We are also at the bedsides of wounded and disabled military men and women in VA treatment centers nationwide.

Comforting Sick Children
Our Comfort Kits have brightened the lives of hundreds of thousands of children who are hospitalized or undergoing medical treatment. Each treasure box contains a cuddly stuffed star, an "I'm Special" bracelet, stickers, a stress ball, crayons, a parent feedback card, a stand-up prayer card and a personalized name tag to mount on the wall. This program brings comfort and joy to sick and injured children and their caring families.

Thanks to your generosity, the Guideposts Foundation can reach out to people who are longing for God's presence in their lives. Our vision for the future is to become the world’s foremost source for hope and inspiration, wherever and whenever people need us.

You can help us serve through a variety of charitable Outreach Programs, volunteer opportunities, and more.