Guideposts Foundation - Justin Mosby

Justin Mosby currently serves as the Associate Director of Philanthropy for Guideposts. As part of the team, Justin will be traveling extensively on behalf of Guideposts, building and nurturing the valued relationships with our supporters.

Justin first began fundraising as a volunteer for Special Olympics in the late 1990s while attending college in southwest Virginia. After finishing his Masters in Counselor Education, with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, Justin began work for a grant program focused on assisting high school aged children develop life skills and academic preparedness to attend college. In 2001 Justin turned his attention back to fundraising as Virginia Tech moved into the public phase of its’ largest campaign in the university’s history. Over the next 12 years, Justin worked with two college units and a regional program building relationships with donors and working alongside his colleagues to increase donor participation and funds raised.

Justin, his wife Kirsten and his daughters, Audrey and Cora live in southwest Virginia. Justin is deeply committed to his community and currently serves on the board of Bean & Rice Inc., a non-profit organization focused on improving the economic well-being of low to moderate income families through community education and asset building.