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Making a difference in the lives they touch

Posted in , Sep 29, 2014

Bobby Henline in Iraq, before he was injured.

Difference Maker.” That’s the title of an article in the September 29, 2014 issue of The New Yorker. The article is worth a read, but it is the title that drew me in. It made me think of other word combinations that have a similar meaning or impact. Situation Changer. Mind Changer.

I look at these phrases in light of the impact we can have on others. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend three days with members of the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet.

The National Cabinet is comprised of devoted and generous individuals who give of their time and resources to support the Guideposts Foundation’s outreach ministry programs–OurPrayer, Comfort Kits, Complimentary Publications, and Military Outreach.

When I see the phrase “difference makers” I think of the members of our National Cabinet and of the presenters we were so privileged to meet and hear from during our time last week.

Bobby Henline in Iraq, before he was injured.How about Bobby Henline (featured in the June issue of Guideposts), who was wounded in an IED explosion in 2007 during his fourth tour in Iraq?

After more than 40 surgeries (many of them skin grafts), he is using his gifts of positive thinking, empathy and humor to meaningfully impact the lives of others, military and civilians alike.

And Pearl Huber, who runs a nonprofit called Hope Mill in Encino, California. This organization distributes backpacks filled with daily essentials to homeless individuals and families, giving them sustenance for both body and soul.

Pearl is so grateful to Guideposts Foundation for providing inspirational booklets included in each pack. She shared stories with us about individuals in the depths of despair who have been profoundly comforted by the words and messages in these booklets.

And Donna Engeman, a military person herself, told of losing her husband, John, an Army Chief Warrant Officer, in an IED explosion in Baghdad in 2006. Her pain remained palpable as she spoke of this loss and its effect on her and her two children (her son is now deployed to a place of great need).

Donna has taken her pain and directed her energies into helping other families of fallen soldiers by serving as the Army’s Survivor Outreach Services program manager. She puts an empathetic and resourceful hand on each and every military survivor she touches.

I would call these three individuals Difference Makers and Mind Changers and Situation Changers.

And it is through the generous and loving work of the National Cabinet members, the Guideposts staff and support from people like you that lives can be changed by providing people the world over with words of inspiration, comfort and hope that can help them live more gratifying lives.

Thank you! Let us keep making a difference together.

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