7 Ways to Support Military Families

Loving someone in the military is tough. Until our son enlisted in the Marine Corps, I had no idea how tough, and I was just a mom. The spouses and children of our service men and women have an even more difficult journey.

As a faith community, we do a pretty good job of supporting one another during difficult times. We bring food to the family who’s lost a loved one. We rally around those facing serious illness. We even know how to reach out when there’s a new baby.

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Today, I’d like to suggest we give the same sort of ongoing support to the military families in our midst. It’s time we spoil those military families.

As a group, they’re sometimes hard to reach out to. They all seem to have a stiff-upper-lip mentality that hides the struggles they face. So I’m going to share some things that anyone can do to help.

Here's how to support military families when their loved ones are home or abroad.—Edie Melson

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