Salute Our Military Working Dogs

National K9 Veterans Day offers a chance to support our canine heroes.

Posted in , Mar 12, 2018

K9 veterans, dogs who serve in the military

I’m so pleased to see the daily love and respect poured out for our military veterans. And we can also support our canine heroes back in civilian life. (March 13 is National K9 Veterans’ Day.) These dogs have given and suffered much. Many of them struggle with health and other issues but even with these obstacles, the list is long for those who want to adopt a former military working dog.

I’ve seen these dogs be a huge blessing to families. They provide a level of loyalty and companionship that’s amazing.

One such dog is Jjet. His name may seem odd, but it’s not a typo. All puppies born to the Department of Defense military working dog breeding program have a double letter at the front of their names. Jjet came out of the Middle East conflict after serving as a bomb-detecting dog. He was injured in service and after recuperating, he was put up for adoption. My friend Susan applied and brought him home. Jjet immediately bonded with her and, only a little less strongly, with her family.

He had a few quirks, including the fact that he hated loud noises, but he was a much-loved part of the family. But one year my friend began to struggle with health issues. During that time Jjet became Susan’s constant companion. It was torture for him when she had to spend time in the hospital. He paced the house, refusing to eat when she was away. He was there waiting for her when she came home, and he stayed beside her on those long nights when the pain kept her awake.

She credits his companionship with helping her stay strong and focused on getting better. Susan says that she sees Jjet as an angel sent to help her get through that long illness.

God uses animals to comfort us, share our lives and serve. What better animal to make part of our lives than a retired veteran?

If you want to know more about adopting a canine veteran, click here.

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