This Memorial Day—Remembering Fallen Heroes

Beyond a day of picnics and barbecues, remember those in the military who fought and sacrificed for our freedoms.

Posted in , May 23, 2018

Memorial Day remembering the military

It is important that we always remember the military men and woman who lost their lives defending our freedoms at home and abroad. At times, we may take for granted our freedom to vote, the right to practice a religion of choice and the right to express our ideas and opinions. But without the sacrifices these individuals made, these freedoms might not exist in America today.

This Memorial Day weekend, as we enjoy the start of the summer season, barbequing and gathering with friends and family, don’t forget the true reason this holiday exists—for the many brave individuals who sacrificed their lives for our country’s freedoms.

Many observe this day by visiting cemeteries or memorials and participating in local parades. No matter how we go about this, pause to remember these fallen heroes.

The wounds and hurts of war never go away. Family members and combat buddies will never forget those whose lives were taken while serving in the armed forces. On this Memorial Day, whom do you honor? Please share so we, too, can remember them.

God, we remember and honor the men and women who died serving our country; please comfort their loved ones.

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