3 Ways Military Families Can Fight Loneliness

God didn't design us to face things alone.

Posted in , Jan 19, 2016

How military families can fight loneliness when loved ones are away.

When a loved one serving in the military, it’s easy to feel isolated. And in an area without a military base, you might think there’s no one nearby who understands–it’s hard to explain what it’s like living with someone who’s been to war.

The truth is, God didn’t design us to face things alone. He made us to be part of a family and a community in fellowship with Him. So here are some things we can do:

1)  Reach Up
By turning to God we immediately gain his perspective. We’re reminded that He’s there with us, carrying us when we can’t make it on our own.

2)  Reach Out
By taking a risk and letting others know that we’re struggling, we give them the opportunity to be used by God. My grandmother always used to say that a burden shared was a burden lightened. She was right.

3)  Reach Back
By turning our focus from ourselves to others, we find peace. I don’t know how or why this works, but I know it does.

Just because someone isn’t in our exact situation, they can still relate. For example, all parents have fears about their children’s safety. Many spouses are married to someone in the line of fire—law enforcement, firefighters, even emergency services.

Beyond that, we’ve all felt hopeless at one time or another. I’ve learned that by taking time to look for connections, instead of differences, we’ll find the peace of God.

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