4 Reasons a Military Family Should Plan a Vacation

The importance of re-connecting in a stress-free environment

Posted in , Apr 15, 2016

4 reasons a military family should plan a vacation

Family vacations are an important time of bonding no matter career the parents have chosen. But in some ways it can be even more critical for military families.

These families face incredible stresses–from deployments to regular relocations. Even if the service person isn’t deployed, because of training and other requirements, they may spend long periods of time away from home.

Unfortunately, many military families also struggle financially. This means that advance planning is the best way to afford a getaway. There are also many popular destinations that offer substantial military discounts. Even if those discounts aren’t mentioned in the advertising, take time to call and ask, their answer may be just the help needed to make a vacation dream come true.

Here are 4 major reasons to make family vacations a high priority:

1)  Time to reconnect.
It’s not always easy to restore connections amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Getting away removes distractions and allows us to concentrate on our family relationships.

2)  Time to relax as a family.
Life is stressful for everyone—and often more so for military families. By getting away, we can all enjoy some stress-free time together.

3)  Time to grow together as a family.
Getting away and seeing new things helps widen our perspective and broaden our experiences. These shared trips become the basis of a deeper family bond.

4)  Time to reconnect spiritually.
Our faith can become stale if we don’t take time to stay focused. Building some spiritual time into the family vacation can reignite a fire that’s burned low. We can do that as family devotion time, family prayer, even discussion of spiritual issues. But it’s important to be deliberate and build this time into the vacation plan.

Take time now to look at a budget and plan for a trip away this summer. Even just a few days can make all the difference. And believe me, our families are worth it.

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