4 Things a Military Mom Should Avoid

Sometimes skirting certain situations can help you stay strong and hopeful.

Posted in , Oct 2, 2017

4 things a military mom should avoid

In this blog, I often focus on how moms with children in the military can proactively deal with trying times. But I’ve also learned that there are things to avoid to help us stay strong and focused on the hope we have in God. 

1.  Stay away from public news about the military.
When your child is in a war zone, it’s not that the news is always wrong, it’s that it’s always bad and always late. Being late is good, because the military is excellent about never releasing anything without first contacting the family. However, when I watch the news, even though I know this, my worries and fears go spiraling out of control.

2.  Keep your distance from negative friends and acquaintances.
You know who they are. Some people just can’t keep from looking at the worst possible outcome of any given situation. Now is when you need to be reminded that God is in control and will never forsake you or your loved one.

3.  When possible, avoid funerals.
As a member of Blue Star Mothers of America, one of our jobs is to attend military funerals and support the families. When my son was deployed, that was one of the most difficult situations that I faced. Some people may be strong enough to handle it, but I discovered that I am not. 

4.  Avoid conversations criticizing our military.
This is a hot-button topic for me. Yes, I know the government often makes decisions regarding the military that are controversial and even—in my eyes—wrong. But I cannot stand to hear the military derided with general comments.  For military families, “the military” isn’t a faceless entity. It’s a group of people we love dearly who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

Having a loved one serving in the military can be an emotional rollercoaster, so it’s important that we take steps to guard our hearts as much as possible.

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