A Veterans Day Challenge

This week we have the opportunity to honor that commitment to serve.

Posted in , Nov 11, 2014

Honoring those who serve on Veterans Day. Photo by Miflippo, Thinkstock.

Growing up I didn’t pay much attention to Veterans Day. It was nothing more than a hiccup preceding the rush of celebrations at the end of each year, an extra day off before the festivities began.

But now, having sent a son to war, this day is precious. It’s the tangible proof that my country, my city and my community recognize his decision to serve. Veterans Day isn’t a minor holiday; it’s the chance to say thank you to all who have been, and still are, a part of our military defense.

Honor those who serve on Veterans Day.

I’m traveling this week; scurrying in and out of airports, lugging suitcases and dodging crowds. But everywhere I look, I see our veterans. Their camo fatigues stand out like beacons, pulling forth prayers from my heart.

The challenges they face are difficult. I watched my own son struggle as his commitment to serve warred with longing to be home. I want to stop each one, thanking them personally for the sacrifices they’ve chosen to make, but there are too many. Instead I breathe a prayer for each one I see.

I’m also sounding a call and issuing a challenge.

This week we have the opportunity to honor that commitment to serve. There will be parades, ceremonies and community celebrations. Don’t just treat this as an extra day off, but take time out from your busy schedule to attend one of these events.

So often those who serve feel cut off and forgotten. This is a time when we can remind our servicemen and women that we will never forget the price they pay to keep us safe.

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