April: Month of the Military Child

7 ways to honor the kids in a military family. They make sacrifices, too.

Posted in , Apr 5, 2016

April honors the Month of the Military Child.

As anyone who has a loved one serving knows, it’s not just the military personnel who serve. With a family situation, they all make a sacrifice for our country. Here are some ideas of how to honor these special kids in your community.

1)  Plan an actual event—picnic, outing, pizza party. The only limit as to what to plan is your imagination and budget.

2)  Share the fact that April is the Month of the Military Child with your local television and radio stations.

3)  Go into your child’s school and ask if it would be possible to honor these young heroes with special recognition.

4)  Look at your faith community and plan a special day set aside to recognize the sacrifices these kids make when they’re part of a military family.

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5)  Don’t leave out the older kids. Many military families face a tight budget, so prom supplies may not be possible. Consider reaching out by supplying the necessities for an important spring dance.

6)  Consider a scholarship to a camp with programs geared toward military kids. I’ve written a previous blog post here, listing several.   

7)  Remember the kids who have brothers and sisters serving. Sometimes they’re neglected and their sacrifices—and their stress—is just a real as a child with a parent in the military.

These ideas are just a starting point. The important thing is to recognize these young people and honor the service they make.

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