Be Battle Ready

When a loved one is deployed, how to fight your fears and come out victorious.

Posted in , Feb 10, 2015

Soldiers getting battle ready. Photo by Tituz, Thinkstock.

When someone you love is in the military, the battles will come.

No, I’m not referring to arguments with one another, that’s a post for another time. The battles I’m talking about are the ones that happen when a loved one is in harm’s way. These are the ones fought by families at home.

Our battles tend to be waged in our minds and our hearts, but they are no less a struggle than the physical battles fought by our soldiers. And just like our men and women in the armed services need to be trained and battle ready, so must we.

But how do we train for these battles? Today I’d like to share some things that helped me fight my own fear and come out victorious.

Soldiers getting battle ready. Photo by Tituz, Thinkstock.1.  Become a Prayer Warrior 
An ongoing conversation with God is the most important part of our battle preparation. Not just crying out to Him, but also listening for His answer and accepting the peace He offers.

2.  Enlist Auxiliary Troops
This isn’t a battle we can wage alone. First we need God, but right behind Him, we need the support of family, friends and our faith communities.

3.  Keep the Lines of Communication Open
Others can’t support us if they don’t know what we need. It’s important to let those around us know where we’re struggling and how they can help.

4.  Avoid the Bunker Mentality
When things get tough, most people tend to close up ranks and quit accepting help. It’s not enough to just ask for help. We also have to accept it when it’s offered.

5.  Look for Comrades in Arms
The support of those close to us is essential in this battle. But it’s also important to connect with others who know exactly what we’re going through because they’ve been there too.

6.  Keep Advancing
When our loved one is away, memories of times when they were close can help sustain us. But it’s important to also look forward to the happy time when they’ll be back home. Make a list of things you’d like to do together, and don’t get bogged down in the past.

There isn’t any excuse for those of us who love our military men and women to be unprepared when the battles rage inside us. When we follow the examples of our brave service men and women, we can also be battle ready. 

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