Celebrate Our K9 Veterans

March 13 is K9 Veterans Day. Join us in celebrating these four-legged soldiers.

Posted in , Mar 11, 2016

Celebrate our K9 veterans on March 13.

March 13 is National K9 Veterans Day, the time to honor the four-legged breed of military veterans.

Being a military family, we know how important military dogs are to missions and to the morale of troops. Our son was a bomb dog handler on his second tour to the Middle East and I watched the close relationship between soldier and canine. For me, that dog was his guardian angel. That's why we celebrate National K9 Veterans Day.

The idea was originated by a Vietnam vet, Joe White, who was also a military dog trainer and handler. During the Vietnam War, military dogs were left behind. They were considered nothing more than obsolete equipment. In later conflicts, MWDs (military working dogs) were euthanized. 

Now, when MWDs  retire, there are more options for them to receive loving homes. In 2000, President Bill Clinton signed Robby’s Law, allowing former military dogs to be adopted.

Because of their training and the circumstances and trauma they’ve endured, they’re not a good fit for everyone. If they’re still able to work, they are offered first to law enforcement agencies. After that, their handlers have the option of adopting them. Finally, they are made available to civilians. 

The process to qualify to adopt a retired canine is rigorous. If you think you might be a good fit, or are interested in helping support these canine heroes, here are some valuable links:

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