Finding Military Discounts and Special Offers

That summer outing or vacation may be within reach if you do a little research. Here are 6 places to start.

Posted in , Jul 12, 2016

Special discounts and offers for military families this summer

Summer is in full swing and with it, the opportunity to get out and enjoy time with family. As you plan summer outings, be sure to take some time research places that offer military discounts and special offers. Here are 6 places to start:

1)  Local Restaurants
Restaurants have gotten better about posting military discounts in the menu and on their websites, but it’s good to check online before you go. And if there’s nothing listed, don’t hesitate to call and ask.

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2)  Amusement Parks
Our country’s parks are big supporters of the military. Everyone from Disney to Dollywood offer discounts to members of the military and their families. That vacation you thought was out of reach may become an option by doing some research.

3)  Movie Theaters
Almost all the movie theater chains I researched offer discounts. This is a great way to treat the family to a summer blockbuster.

4)  National Parks
Don’t forget the beauty of the outdoors. Our National Park system offers a free annual pass for current US military and their dependents. This is a wonderful opportunity for some away time that every military family needs.

5)  Museums
Most museums offer military discounts. But in addition, there are museums that have qualified for Blue Star Status. In those institutions, military families receive free admission. Visit the National Endowment for the Arts for the sites near you.

6)  Theaters
Most of us enjoy live theater, and community theaters across the country are good about offering discounts to military members and their families. But just like museums, there are designated Blue Star Theatres that offer more support.

Whether you’re choosing a night out, a stay-cation or a getaway for the family, be sure to do your homework. These discounts are offered by a grateful country as a way to say thank you for your sacrifice!

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