Flag Day from a Military Mom’s Perspective

Emotions bubble up in unexpected ways at the sacrifices made to keep our flag flying.

Posted in , Jun 13, 2016

Flag Day from a Military Mom’s Perspective

Writing about our US flag is harder than I thought. The feelings I have as a military mom are represented by it in so many ways. The sight of it brings those emotions bubbling up in unexpected ways.

I thrill to catch sight of it pinned to a lapel or at the bottom of an email. Its presence in those tiny places reminds me that there are many who understand the beauty and majesty of this great country we call home. It also tells me many are aware of the price it takes to keep our country whole and safe.

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As I drive down the highway and see the mega flags that wave their majesty in public, I’m thrilled to know that others see beyond the physical and into the sacrifices made to keep watch on our country.

I’ve also seen more than my share of flags draped, covering the remains of men and women who have given everything to keep that flag flying. Watching the military precision of a flag being folded and presented to the family leaves me a sobbing mess.

Flag day is much more than just honoring the 1777 adoption of our national symbol. It’s the fact of the price continually being paid. So don’t just stop and admire the flag, honor the men and women—then and now—who keep it flying.

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