Guideposts Announces Veterans Awareness Month

Guideposts' initiative is designed to help and honor our veterans.

- Posted on Oct 29, 2015

Guideposts: A soldier in fatigues hugs his wife and child.

Guideposts has supported veterans and active duty military for more than 60 years, but this year is different. This year, Guideposts launches a national effort to raise awareness and offer support to veterans with the creation of “Veterans Awareness Month.”

The reason for this initiative is simple.  While we honor our veterans on November 11, one day is not enough. We hope everyone will join us in supporting veterans in November and throughout the year.  Guideposts has been committed to helping our active duty military and veterans since it was founded, but it’s the support of readers like you that make those efforts possible.

Click here to find out how you can help our veterans

The Guideposts Military Ministry distributes well over 1 million booklets, 7 hundred thousand copies of Guideposts magazine, 53,000 Daily Guideposts, and thousands of personally signed Christmas cards to help uplift, inspire and sustain our troops stationed at military bases around the world.  This commitment to the military is rooted in Guideposts’ beginnings.

Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth, founded Guideposts in 1945, the year World War II ended. Ever since then, Guideposts has worked to support the military.  Norman Vincent Peale visited troops in Vietnam, and today Guideposts’ military outreach team works with chaplains in the military and the Veteran’s Administration to distribute magazines, and inspirational booklets around the globe. 

Anyone can donate magazine subscriptions to the military or make a contribution to our military outreach. We hope you'll join us. Click here to learn how to support our veterans.


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