Guideposts: Veterans' Stories

Guideposts: Veterans' Stories

Helping veterans and supporting our troops has been a key part of our Guideposts' mission since it was founded. Guideposts has declared November Veterans Awareness Month, and we're pleased to share with our readers these photographs of Guideposts employees and their relatives who have served (and are serving) our country with valor and distinction.

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  • Guideposts: Lt. Col. Evelyn Smith-Florence, U. S. Army (Ret.), during her 15-month deployment in Iraq

    My mother, Lt. Col. Evelyn Smith-Florence, U. S. Army (Ret.), is my go-to example that hard work pays off. A little over 30 years ago, she began her military career as an enlisted soldier. During her tenure, she went to Officer Training School and steadily made her way up the chain of command, which led to her being able to retire in 2013 as a Lieutenant Colonel. This picture was taken during her 15-month deployment in Iraq.—T. J., editorial

  • Guideposts: Sabra's great-uncle Phil Comeau, with his wife, Lillian, in 1942

    My Great Uncle Phil and Aunt Lillian Comeau in front of their home in 1942. Uncle Phil was a Staff Sergeant serving as a Waist Gunner in World War II. He was captured in Holland on July 30, 1943 after bailing out of his stricken B-17. The very same night Uncle Phil's plane was shot down Aunt Lillian awoke from sleep by the sound of Uncle Phil calling out to her. She knew something was terribly wrong. Her worst fears were confirmed by a telegram informing her that her husband was Missing in Action. For months Aunt Lillian received no news until a postcard came from a prison camp: "Everything O.K. Keep your chin up. Hope to see you soon. Love, Phil."—Sabra, digital

  • Guideposts: Allison (center, in green) with her fellow Basic Public Affairs Specialist—Writers graduates

    I loved my advanced individual training at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. This picture is from the Basic Public Affairs Specialist—Writer graduation; my section was the only one out of four that had all five services represented. We had a great time, but our instructor, Air Force Master Sgt. Rebecca Roady, made sure we learned a lot, too.—Allison, editorial

  • Guideposts: Lt. Colonel Barry L. Obie, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

    This is a photo of my father, Lt. Colonel Barry L. Obie, (Ret.) living his dream of being a pilot in the U.S. Air Force in the 1990s. My dad served in the Gulf War and served our country proudly for 21 years. He retired in 2000 and I sang "I Believe I Can Fly" at his retirement ceremony. Though he's retired, he still continues his dream job of being a pilot—Brooke, digital

  • Guideposts: Robert E. Schwaiger, July 1964 in Cam Rannh Bay, Vietnam

    This is a picture of my husband, Robert E. Schwaiger, taken in July 1964 in Cam Rannh Bay, Vietnam. He served in the Army Air Assault Division: Air Cavalry-Caribous and Helicopters. He came back safe, thank God, and retired from the Army on February 12, 1966, with a rank of SP4 (Sergeant). Bob and I celebrated our 50th anniversary on September 4, 2015.—Linda, production operations

  • Guideposts: A platoon of Marines gather together for one final prayer after their graduation ceremony at the United States Marine Corp Military Training Base at Parris Island, SC.

    This is my son's platoon, as they gathered together for one final prayer after their graduation ceremony at the United States Marine Corp Military Training Base at Parris Island, South Carolina, in the spring of 2015.—Donna, marketing

  • Guideposts: Winifredo D. Samoy in 1959, when he was stationed in Greece as a U.S. Navy 3rd petty officer third class

    Here is my dad, Winifredo Daluz Samoy, in 1959, when he was stationed in Greece as a U.S. Navy 3rd petty officer, third class. He went on to become a U.S. Navy chief petty officer before retiring in 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.—Stephanie, books

  • Guideposts: Benjamin (Biago) DiSanto, who served stateside during WWI, with his wife, Rose.

    This is a picture of my great-grandfather, Benjamin (Biago) DiSanto. With him is his wife and my great-grandmother, Rose. Benjamin, who came to New York from his home in Potenza, Italy, in 1913, was drafted about a year before World War I ended. He was stationed stateside, and at war's end, he received an honorable discharge. He was proud of his service and kept a photograph of his company on display in his workroom.—Julian, Continuity & Book Marketing


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