Helping Yourself by Helping Others

When we want to shut down and sit alone in our misery, God may have other plans.

Posted in , Sep 22, 2015

God wants you to help others.

It’s easy to come down with a serious case of bunker mentality when someone you love is on deployment. While our son was serving in the Middle East, I found myself pulling away from friends and family. Truthfully, all I wanted to do was stay home with the curtains drawn and watch the calendar until he was safely back home.

That’s not a healthy place to be.

When I allowed my focus to be fixed on where my son was and what he was doing, the world became a very dark and scary place. The only way I found to get beyond this was by letting God reach through me and touch other people.

I realized I wasn’t coping well, so I made a deliberate effort to take the focus off my situation. The best way I knew to do that was by helping others. In my situation, I wasn’t equipped to help anyone, so I had draw close to God and let Him reach through me.

It was hard to be busy in the world. At times my heart was breaking but getting active by helping others made all the difference in the way I was able to cope.

As soon as I began to change the direction of my thinking from inward to upward, the world became lighter. God does that for us. The moment we turn to Him, He’s right there. He pulls us up from the pit and helps us get busy going about His business.

So next time life begins to dim, look up and let God use you to reach out to others.

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