How to Bring Comfort to Deployed Troops

For the approaching holidays, now is the time to make sure military men and women do not feel forgotten.

Posted in , Nov 11, 2016

How to comfort those deployed over the holidays.

Some of us may not want to start thinking about the coming holidays just yet. But for those who have family and friends deployed abroad in the military, it’s time.

These brave souls are facing the holidays far from home. Most of them are in uncomfortable environments and many are surrounded by danger. They volunteered for the duties they’re now fulfilling, and they deserve our thanks.

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“Thank you for the great support you give to our Veterans at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC with the booklets you provide. “                                                                                 --C. Garland Vance

Here’s what we can do to make sure they know they’re not forgotten:

1)  When you’re reaching out to those in need, pack a care box for a soldier. These men and women treasure boxes from home, especially around the holidays.

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2)  Look for families within your community who have a loved one serving and offer support. One of the biggest stressors for deployed military members is worry about those left at home. We can alleviate that fear when we come together and help.

3)  Organize a letter/card campaign through a local school or church. Our military personnel love receiving mail—especially cards and letter from kids.

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It’s a wonderful thing when we hear about the decline in the number of those deployed. But we have to make sure it doesn’t make us forget that there are still thousands in harm’s way. With just a little bit of thought, we can make sure our brave men and women in the military never feel forgotten.

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