Praying With and For Military Families

Calling all prayer warriors to support military families in uncertain times.

Posted in , Sep 5, 2014

A parade in honor of our troops.

The world around us is uncertain. No one knows the truth of this more than a military family. Many live daily with the reality that war is a part of life.

Today I want to enlist your help. I’m calling for a mobilization of troops on the home front–specifically prayer warriors. I’m asking you to join me in praying with and for military families.

Here are five specific ways to pray for our soldiers:

1.  Pray for protection.
I’m not talking about just physical protection, but also for their minds and hearts.

2.  Pray for wisdom. 
Ask God to give them the mind of Christ and the ability to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

3.  Pray for comfort. 
Being away from everything–and everyone–you love is difficult. It’s even harder when they’re in an unfamiliar situation.

4.  Pray for strength. 
The men and women serving in our military need a special kind of strength. They must have strong hearts and a firm foundation, in addition to physical stamina.

5.  Pray for peace.
I’m not just talking about the global peace that can bring them home safely, but the type of peace that transcends any circumstances.


Here are five specific ways to pray for their families:

1.  Pray for peace. 
Fear is one of the biggest things military families face. Pray for God to grant them the peace that passes all understanding.

2.  Pray for faith. T
hese families fight uncertainty. Pray for their faith to grow as they find their foundation in a God who never changes.

3.  Pray for courage.
Ask for God to give them what they need to meet each day victorious.

4.  Pray for joy.
It’s so hard for someone in these circumstances to experience joy. But God can give them back the daily joy so many are missing.

5.  Pray for protection.
One of the biggest fears a soldier faces is worry for those he’s left behind. Praying for the family’s safety benefits them all.

Thousands of families send loved ones off to fight on a daily basis. These families spend a lot of time living in a world out of control. That kind of stress can take an incredible toll, but there is hope.

When we feel helpless, we can take our fears to the One who loves us more than anything and holds the universe in His hands.

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