Resources That Helped a New Marine Corps Mom

Don't battle fear and uncertainty alone. Here's how to let others help you.

Posted in , Sep 12, 2014

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As I’ve mentioned before here on "While They Serve," we didn’t come from a military family. Beyond that, we don’t live in a town near a military base. So when our son chose to enlist, we had a lot of catching up to do. Today I’d like to share the things I found that helped me the most.

The biggest thing that helped me was courage. I had to seek out the information and help I needed. That often involved asking–not something this independent girl is fond of doing. But what I found is that my asking often blessed others.

The American flagI’m also counting on you all to take up the slack. I can only share the things I found, and I’m sure there are a lot of other valuable resources out there. Some are specific to the branch of the military your serviceperson chose, some are new resources that have come along since our son enlisted, and some are ones that I just missed.

Please share your favorites in the comments section below.

1.  Prayer
I found that when I asked God for help he would bring what I needed, whether it was a person or a website or another type of resource.

2.  Other Military Parents
I found people around me who also had ties to the military. Some were church members, others were neighbors and people I met in our community. 

3.  Blue Star Mothers of America
I’ve written about this organization before in my post Are You a Blue Star Mother. The women in our local chapter (Greenville BSM Chapter 3) embraced me, educated me, and most of all supported me during this time in our lives.

This is a website I just stumbled on while I was searching for resources online. For me, it was a godsend. After I joined, I was able to learn about what our son was experiencing during boot camp. I was even able to connect with other parents who had sons in the same boot camp platoon.

I’m hoping there are other sites dedicated to other branches and that some of you will share those below.

5.  My Church
This community of believers surrounded me and my family with love and prayer. They sent packages and letters to our son. They reached out to our two younger boys. Most importantly, when I battled fear and uncertainty, they pointed me back to God.

I’ve since talked to other parents who felt they didn’t receive the support they needed from people close to them. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of letting others know you need help.

The majority of those closest to you want to support you, but don’t always know how. We’ve got to let down the walls and let people know how to help.

This is my list, and as I mentioned above, please add any resources you found helpful below in the comments section.

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