Revisiting Bobby Henline

A man who used humor and faith to overcome disfiguring injuries

Posted in , Sep 19, 2014

Bobby Henline

I'm going to have to keep this blog short today because I am out in southern California for our annual meeting of the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet.

Bobby HenlineI've written before about this wonderful group of supporters who do tremendous work helping us with our outreach activities and other programs, including the work we've been doing supporting our returning troops and their families.

Tonight I am going to interview Bobby Henline in front of the group. He was our returning troops story in the June issue.

I was just rereading the piece in preparation for our talk and was struck again by his amazing courage and how he has used humor and faith to overcome his disfiguring injuries.

In fact Bobby is now a professional comedian and inspirational speaker. Not so long ago, though, all he wanted was for his life to end.

If you don't know his story, follow this link. If you read it when it first came out in Guideposts, read it again. Especially now with all that is going on in the world.

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