Salute to the Heroes at Home

These unsung men and women hold down the fort so our military members can do their jobs.

Posted in , Feb 20, 2015

Edie's family with her Marine son, Jimmy.

So often when we think of military service, it’s our heroes in uniform that come to mind. Today I’d like to draw attention to the heroes at home.

These are the unsung men and women who hold down the fort so our military members can do the jobs they’re called to do. Unfortunately, these warriors at home don’t consider themselves heroes. We can help change that by giving them some much needed recognition.

The Spouses
Being married to someone in the military or the reserves requires an extra measure of patience. Those in the military often don’t have a choice about when and where they’re required to go.

As I watch those spouses who support the calling of our military men and women, I get a lump of pride in my throat. Their commitment is quieter, but just as strong and just as important.

Edie's family with her Marine son Jimmy.The Sometimes-Single Parent
In addition to being the spouse of a military member, many are also frequent single parents. They are not only called on to do life without a spouse, but also without the partnership of a parent.

The Children
It’s tough growing up these days. And growing up as a military kid is even harder. These children know the pride of having a mom and/or dad serving our country, but they also deal with the fear of a parent at war.

The Parents
As a parent, we bring our children into this world and spend years trying to protect and nurture them. Then they choose to go to war. As proud as we are of their willingness to sacrifice and serve, it’s a scary time.

The Significant Other
I think the girlfriends and boyfriends of our military members often get overlooked. But I’ve watched the support they provide, and my hat is off to them. They support our men and women in the military with unselfish love.

The Siblings
I watched how difficult it was on our other two sons when our oldest joined the Marine Corps. They worried about him, prayed for him, and worked hard to show their support. No list of heroes at home would be complete without the brothers and sisters of our military.

The Friends
I knew our son had good friends, but I didn’t realize how good until he enlisted in the Marine Corps. His buddies provided things his family couldn’t, and I’ll always be grateful for the friends God put in his life.

In addition to these individuals, so often entire churches and communities provide incredible support for our men and women serving in the military. I’m grateful to part of such a community.

So today, support our military by thanking those who support them.

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