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Guideposts staff spend time with a Good Friday Day of Prayer attendee.

A Visit to Guideposts' 2019 Annual Good Friday Day of Prayer

Guideposts held its first Good Friday Day of Prayer in 1970, and it's been a beloved tradition ever since.

Coming together

Coming Together for Common Good

When people help one another in times of catastrophe, hope is revived. The weak become strong, love is unleashed and great things happen.

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Ready for #GivingTuesday? Photo by Robert Churchill, Thinkstock


After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here's a new tradition of generosity.

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Dr. Maya Angelou. Photo credit: Wake Forest University

Giving Others Hope and Encouragement

I could not help but think of Guideposts Outreach Ministries as Dr. Maya Angelou spoke, sang and read about the gift of hope.

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Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson's son saying goodbye before deployment

Saying Goodbye Is Complicated

I learned that staying focused on God and keeping busy were the best ways to protect against the fears about deployment...

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Swatches from a red, white and blue Quilt of Valor

Wrap a Soldier in Love

There is nothing like a handmade quilt crafted with love and prayers, recognizing a soldier’s sacrifice...

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Outreach Ministries blogger Katie Allen Berlandi

One of Those Days

I am grateful for all that Guideposts Outreach does to soften the edges for so many–including me.

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