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Gratitude during deployment

Finding a Thankful Attitude During Deployment

A military mom shares how she came to find gratitude even when her son was posted overseas.

Thanksgiving family

An Extra Chair at My Thanksgiving Table

During the season of family gatherings, make room for those who can’t go home.

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Military welcome home

The Joy of Sharing

As a military mom lets go of fear for her enlisted son, she opens up to a community of supporters.

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Woman soldier

Veterans Day—Honoring Women Who Serve

Women in military uniform do the same jobs as the men they serve beside.

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The Power of a Letter

Despite the immediacy of email, a military mom shares that nothing beats putting pen to paper.

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How a military family should surrender

The Power of Surrendering

It's ironic, but when it comes to being a healthy military family or soldier, the concept of surrendering plays an important spiritual role.

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Support for a military family

An Outpouring of Love for a Military Family

How a church community offered love and support when a son enlisted.

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Military family

5 Ways a Military Mom Turned Her Fears Over to God

It was a struggle to replace negative thoughts with hope, but it can happen through faith.

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Appreciating our military

When Appreciation for Veterans Is Personal

The special celebration of remembering and honoring an enlisted person you know.

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Planting hope for spring with tulip bulbs

Planting Hope in Winter

A spring with the promise of tulips helps a military mom wait for her deployed son to return home.

U.S. Marine

5 Hats a Military Family Must Wear

In military slang, a cap is a "cover." Here are some that loved ones of the enlisted should get comfortable wearing.

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U.S. Navy

Honoring the Navy’s Birthday

How to reach out to members of all our military to show appreciation

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Financial planning for military families

5 Ways Military Families Can Get Smart About Finances

When it comes to financial planning, there are special programs that offer benefits.

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4 things a military mom should avoid

4 Things a Military Mom Should Avoid

Sometimes skirting certain situations can help you stay strong and hopeful.

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