The Beginnings of a Blessing

A military mom learns that within every calamity or bump in the road lies the opportunity for hope and healing.

Posted in , Jan 25, 2018

Finding blessings in adversity

I’m bad about seeing a challenge in a negative light. Something unexpected happens, and I immediately jump to possible bad outcomes. However, life has tried to teach me that with every calamity, every stress, every bump in the road, there is the potential for blessings.

When our son made his decision to enlist in the military at such a young age (18), my mind immediately went to the negative side of what could happen. I was proud that he wanted to serve, but terrified about what he was going to face.

It took a few weeks of agony before I understood that from this difficult circumstance, God was doing something wonderful.

As my husband and I walked through this new paradigm of parenting, we began to see family and friends fall in step beside us. Where some had once been only acquaintances, they became prayer partners. Spats and hurt feelings between family members disappeared as we all pulled together to equip my son for what lay ahead. Even my own spiritual growth began to take off in ways I’d not expected.

Within that kernel of pain, I saw a vine of blessing begin to grow, blossom and bear the sweetest fruit.

So even now I look at the hard things in life with new eyes. Instead of rocks that can injure and bruise, I see seeds of blessings that have the potential to make life sweeter than before.

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