Veterans Day—Honoring Women Who Serve

Women in military uniform do the same jobs as the men they serve beside.

Posted in , Nov 9, 2017

Woman soldier

For years, I envisioned a military veteran as an older man with grizzled, white hair wearing a baseball cap depicting his military service. While this image still applies, it doesn’t begin to cover the scope of those who have served in the armed services.

Now almost 15% of our military is comprised of women in uniform and no longer are they relegated to nursing or administration. They do the same jobs as the men.

I was reminded of women veterans’ valuable service when I had the opportunity to welcome home a local honor flight. Among the men coming off the plane was a petite woman. Her white hair was perfectly styled under her own ball cap proudly proclaiming her place as a WWII veteran. 

I couldn’t resist hovering close by as a news reporter plied her with questions. Yes, she’d served as a nurse, but her place of service had been in the Pacific. She was stationed near some of the worst battles in that arena. Her hospital had been bombed numerous times, and she proudly displayed the medals she’d earned.

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Her quiet dignity and courage melted away any preconceived notions about what it meant to be a veteran. Then and there I made the decision to replace my previous mental images of veterans. 

This Veterans Day I encourage you to do likewise. As you celebrate the sacrifices and service of those who have been part of our military, look around and don’t forget the ladies!

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