Prayer Connects Friends Together

The power of prayer can unite friends across great distances.

Posted in , Jul 5, 2010 is our website dedicated to prayer.

People can log on anytime day or night, make a prayer request and know that they will be prayed for by one of our dedicated volunteers. It’s inspiring to read not only the requests but the many answers to prayer that are posted. Let me tell you about one of them.

Rebecca Raby was worried about her husband, Jim. His kidney disease had worsened and he had to go on dialysis. She posted her prayer request and read through some of the others. Her eye stopped at one: “My husband is receiving treatment for kidney disease. Please pray for him.” It was signed “Amy” with a link to her e-mail address. Rebecca sent a reply, “I know what you’re going through…. Would you be my prayer partner?”

Separated by a thousand miles—Rebecca in Ohio and Amy Bernhardt in Canada—they connected by e-mail three or four times a week, comparing notes about doctors’ advice, sharing Scripture and praying for each other. Eventually both husbands, Jim and Bruce, needed kidney transplants, and received them within six weeks of each other.

The two couples met for the first time six months after the men’s surgery. As you can see from this photo, both are doing well. As for Rebecca and Amy, they’ve had 10 years of friendship and prayer partnership to keep them close.

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