A Prayer for Every Need Military

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A FREE eBook collection of Christian prayers.

This important guide offers daily prayers that provide a way for God to enter our lives with healing and wisdom. You'll find a prayer for virtually every need from asking for courage and strength to prayers for healing.

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Bring the miracle of answered prayers into your life with your FREE download of A Prayer for Every Need eBook. These Christian prayers will bring you hope and increase you courage. They will help you find peace and comfort in any situation.

This FREE Prayer eBook will help you find the words that open your heart and help you find strength in the Lord. No matter the situation, you’ll find inspirational prayers that will speak to you—and that will be heard by God.

The Psalmist tells us that when we bring our troubles to God in prayer, He hears and answers us. Prayer puts you in contact with the greatest power in the universe: God’s love.

When you have A Prayer for Every Need eBook, you’ll always have a place to turn for guidance or to find the wisdom to make a difficult decision.

Whether you seek emotional healing in your family or healing from an illness, God is always ready to answer your prayers. And when you have trouble finding the words, A Prayer for Every Need will help you speak your heart.

Give yourself the gift of prayer today. Download your FREE Prayer eBook now.